Freedom from Facebook



It probably is what you think. A deranged idea, in 2014, the glorious age of hyper connectivity, to willingly exile oneself from the land of Facebook. In future, this blog post may also be used as evidence of just when a writer’s need for a inner conflict lead to an odd experiments with highly acceptable form of social engagement. A sign of mental instability perhaps, given this urge to just ‘get the hell out ‘ the day a friend posted this social experiment on his wall.

I guess this was about the best excuse I was going to find. 99 days of freedom from Facebook and hopefully a contribution to social project being conducted on a global scale. I wasn’t brave enough to do it there and then.

Turns out I wasted more time perusing through my old posts/pictures and my status history because I knew when the time came, it wasn’t going to be that simple. I would have to say goodbye to a dynamic, super funny, extroverted, happy, digital version of myself. However, in between checking out my own coolness, at some point I suppose my narcissism must have sky rocketed because I began getting annoyed with all those updates on my news feed. And then one fine day, I got out.

Here are some after effects.

1. In the absence of the helpful reminders, you will forget that best buddy’s birthday. And maybe he will call you up two weeks later to scream. And apparently ‘I’m not on facebook, so had no reminder’ might offend further. People don’t being reminded that they are forget-able. What you will get lectured about, is that there is no connection between ‘inner peace’ and facebook.

2. To which I say ‘balls!’ It takes time to build up inner peace till it grows into a hard balloon like consistency that floats throughout your body but can’t be burst. Thanks to facebook, this bubble is full of holes even before it has a chance to grow.

3. You will hate the absence of facebook so you are in danger of making other avenues your go-to website. In this case twitter, for me. However, a random twitter user added me to the group ’15 writers to follow.’ I still not sure if they’re serious. But look me up, I’m all professional writer there. yea right.

4. The utter frustration comes blitzing into your now, somewhat semi calm life, when you realise every thing is happening on facebook with everyone, everytime they make a plan to hide out. While you’re saved from the utter uselessness of endless chats/dig/jokes… you also don’t know what events are coming up because it’s ever really on, is on facebook.

For now, I soldier on.




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